Grigoryeva Ekaterina (1940-2003)

Honored painter of Russia.

Was born in 1940 in Moscow, studied in the Art school, learned painting at the Studio of artist: E. N. Drobitsky. Ekaterina greatly appreciates demanding and cleaver teacher who discovered her talent and creative manner.

Since 1985 painter Ekaterina Grigoryeva is a Chairman of the Academy of Arts, a participant of national and international exhibitions. She is an actual member of Petrov Academy of Art and Science; the Union of Arts of Russia; International Federation of Artists.

Ekaterina Grigoryeva’s art is very emotional; it generates strong musical and poetical associations. Against the background of a complicating vanguard development her lyrical abstractions such opposite from  the main stream. Ekaterina Grigoryeva has individual approach to the world, her impressions are identifiable and unidentifiable. The author’s ability to vary her methods, to enrich growing styles and  images of flowers and nature to overcome the original still life motives. Grigoryeva’s rare directions of genre are unrepeatable originality of her own artistic language. What people find most appealing about Ekaterina’s art that her creative power gives out strong impulse of happiness, positive energy, kindness and joy.                                             
"It is my reward that people experience elation in my work’’, she says, ‘‘When I paint, I feel unconscious. The feelings of my soul surface onto the canvas, uninhibited by my thoughts."

Enriched by esthetic and spiritual experience, allowed her to create original works, which have already took their place in the classical gallery of Russian Art.

Ekaterina Grigoryeva was rated as one of the best selling artists of Russia, after Aivazovskiy and Shemyakin.


1975 – Solo exhibition. Moscow.
1981 - Solo exhibition. Moscow
1985 - 2002 – Group exhibitions in the halls of the United committee of the union of painters-graphics, the Creative union of Russian painters, The International federation of painters. Moscow.
1987 - Solo exhibition. Moscow
1989 – “Art and space”. Hamburg, Germany. “Rum und Kunst” gallery. Auction in Versailles, France.
1990 – “Moscow days in Madrid”, Spain. Culture center Conde Duke. Solo exhibition “Poetry of color”. Moscow. Malaya Gruzinskaya, 28.
«ART ONE MIF». Moscow, “Manezh” exhibition hall.
Exhibition of Russian painters. Köln, Germany.
1991 – Exhibition at Malaya Gruzinskaya, 28. Moscow.
“Manezh” exhibition hall.
Exhibition “Russian house”, Sakkola Center.Tallin, Estonia.
”Encounters-91” exhibition. Am Brunner gallery, Bergishgladbah, Germany. Exhibition of paintings “Renascence of Russia”. Moscow.
Exhibition of Russian artists, Frankfurt-on-Main, Germany.
1992 – Contest – Festival “The golden brush – 92”, Moscow, Central house of artists. Prize-winner of the “Russian spring” contest. Köln, Germany. Solo exhibition. Shetsin, Poland.UNESCO international painting exhibition. Seoul, South Korea. Exhibition of paintings “Russian painters”. Verona, Italy. “Karart” exhibition. The Central house of artists. Moscow. Charity auction of  the Fund against drug abuse and drug traffic. Moscow.
1993 –Solo exhibition. Roanoke, USA. Auction-exhibition “Astrovaganza”. Blacksburg. USA. Solo exhibition at The United Nations Organization. New-York, USA. Exhibition in Verona, Italy. Solo exhibition. The Central House of Artists. Moscow. Exhibition of Russian paintings. Hong Kong. Contest – Festival “The golden brush – 93”, Moscow, Central house of artists.
1994 –Solo exhibition. The Russian Academy of Arts. Moscow. Auction-exhibition “Astrovaganza”. Blacksburg. USA. “Pro and contra”, “Yuneya” gallery. Masters of modern art. The Central House of Artists”. Moscow. A jubilee exhibition “20 years of the bulldozer exhibition”. Gogolevsky blv. 10. 1995 – “Russian art from Moscow”, Ingolshtadt, Germany. Auction “The inglish hose invites…”. Association of Russian artists.  Moscow.”Eight contemporary Russians”. Portland, USA. «Восемь современных русских». г.Портленд. США. Jubilee exhibition, dedicated to the 20-th anniversary of the “Beekeeping” pavilion.  Gogolevsky blv. 10. Moscow.
1996 – The first congress of the Creative Union of Russia. Central House of Artists. Moscow.
1997 – “Moscow of Russia”. The Central House of Artists, Moscow.  Exhibition of paintings, presentation of the encyclopedia of contemporary art “The creative fund of Russia”, “Helicon” gallery.
“Harmony of contrasts”. Russian art of the second half of the XX century. The Russian Academy of Arts. Moscow.
Solo exhibition. Athens, Greece.
Exhibition of paintings, dedicated to the 850 anniversary of Moscow. The Central House of Artists.
Exhibition of painting, graphics and sculpture, dedicated to the 850 anniversary of Moscow. Gogolevsky blv. 10. Moscow.
”From Russia with love”. Las Vegas, USA.
”Harmony of contrast”. The Central House of Artists, Moscow.
”Twenty centuries A.D.” The Central House of Artists, Moscow.
1998 – “Discordance of the worlds”, Gogolevsky blv. 10. Moscow.
”Another reality” The Central House of Artists, Moscow.
Exhibition of Moscow artists. The Russian Creative Chamber.
Art festival The Russian Creative Chamber. The Central House of Artists, Moscow.
Solo exhibition. The Federation Council of the Russian Parlament. Moscow.
1999-Solo exhibition. The Moscow city Duma. Moscow. Solo exhibition. “Go” gallery. Portland, USA
2000 – “Music under the rainbow”. Parliament building of the Russian Federation.
Solo jubilee exhibition. The New Manezh. Moscow.
”Spring -2000”. Exhibition hall of the Union of Artists of Moscow.
”The bulldozer exhibition – next stop everywhere” . Gogolevsky blv. 10. Moscow.
”Christmas on Begovaya. A new exhibition hall for the new millennium”. The Moscow section of the Union of artists of Russia.
Exhibition in the Valentine Ryabov Gallery. Moscow. Russia.
2001 – Exhibition at the Central house of Artists, organized by the Valentine Ryabov Gallery.
Solo exhibition. The Silk way gallery. Portland, USA.
Solo exhibition. The Moscow Kremlin.
”The Moscow collection”, Belgorod, Russia.
Art- salon in the Manezh. Moscow
Solo exhibition “Poetry of color”. The State memorial-estate “Archangelskoye”.
Solo exhibition at the “De Vill Galery”. San-Francisco, USA.
”The DI circle painters” The Russian Academy of Arts”. Moscow.
Solo exhibition. Exhibition hall of the TRINITY exposition center. Troitsk. Russia.
”Still life in contemporary painting”. Exhibition center of the Moscow Union of artists. Moscow.
”Christmas at Begovaya”. Exhibition center of the Moscow Union of artists. Moscow.
Exhibition at the “Elena Zass” gallery. Laguna Beach, California, USA. Exhibition in the Valentine Ryabov Gallery branch in Poland. Warsaw, Poland.
”Union of muses”, Creative union of artists of Russia. Moscow.  
”Harmony of life – harmony of change”, solo exhibition. Exhibition center of the Moscow Union of artists. Moscow.
Solo exhibition. Gazprom. Moscow.
Solo exhibition. The international center “IRKO”. Portland, USA.
”The new century. The beekeeping pavilion” the passed decades”. The Modern art museum. Moscow.
”The Moscow collection”. Ekaterinburg, Russia.
”The Moscow collection”. Saratov, Russia.
Solo exhibition. Gazprombank. Moscow.

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