Kunitsyn Alexander

Biography and artistic tastes connect Kunitsyn Alexander with the traditions of French culture. He was born in a family of diplomats, therefore he spent his childhood in France; Traveled to Germany, England, Greece. He started painting in my youth. In the 70's, he was engaged in the Paris workshop of the artist Reuther, who was a student of Fernand Leger. In 1978 he entered the Institute of Foreign Languages named after Maurice Thorez in Moscow. But in 82 he drop it out and complitely engaged himself in painting and guitar.

He worked as a musician in the theater "Harlequin", plays in the rock groups Krematoriy (Крематорий) and Bakhyt-Сompot (Бахыт-компот). Initially, he focused on the painting of post-Impressionists, Fauves, Cubists. Since the 90s, he is fond of abstraction, but he always returns to figurative. In the paintings of Alexander Kunitsyn intertwined real and imaginary. The decorative principle in many of his works does not turn the picture into a flat pattern. Since 2000, two themes are dominating his art: portrait and landscape. In each of the paintings we see a reflection of the author's inner aspirations.