Seferbekov Karakhan (Honored painter of Russia)

Seferbekov Karakhan Born in 1957 in the Republic of Dagestan.
In 1980 graduated from the art-graphic faculty of the Moscow state pedagogical institute.
Traveled around Europe, India, China, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries.
In 1988-2008 the artist has created a large number of paintings some of which are in the collections of the Yaroslavl art museum, the Bayer collection in Munich, the Art museum of Kharbin (China), the N.Rerikh museum “Ursurvati” (India), “Art propaganda foundation” (Moscow), The Valentine Ryabov gallery.
Participated in numerous international and Russian exhibitions. Paintings of the artist are in private collections of diplomatic representatives of European countries, Canada, India, Iran, Australia, Vietnam and Thailand.
Works of Karakhan are in private collections of well known Russian and foreign politicians.
His works are highly praised by the cultural and business elite in Russia.
Singing bamboo in the MIRAX interior.
One of the important principals of designing the residential complexes of MIRAX GROUP – is harmonious combination of the internal finishing of the quarters with their decorative elements.  These elements can be, for example, different kinds of art installations, sculptures, paintings and graphic works of art of modern artists. At the same time it’s important, that the exposition in the hall should be mobile, so the visitor doesn’t get used to it, and it should change from time to time. This way the corporation gives it’s guests and business partners a chance to get a rest from the intensive business schedule, to admire modern works of art and, maybe, to buy  some of them.
Such an exposition, composed of paintings of a modern Russian artist Karakhan Seferbekov, opened on April 7 on the first floor of the “West” tower of the “Federation” business complex. The exhibition, as well as other previous art projects, was organized together with the gallery of Valentine Ryabov, collector of paintings and sculpture, art critique, who constantly creates art installations in the halls of MIRAX. The name of today’s author of the presented paintings – Karakhan Seferbecov or Karakhan – for short – is well known among art lovers. This painter is famous not only in Russia, but in dozens of foreign countries, and has long ago become a recognized virtuoso of color, as was stated during one of the exhibitions abroad.
Its hard to be indifferent when one is looking at Karakhan ‘s paintings. As if pierced from the inside with the flaming sun, colors from his canvases literally strive, speed, float towards you, burst with splashes of hot summer. And alongside on another canvas they come to a standstill, whispering something and gingerly hesitate as if composing poems. And it appears that these images came to life and exist before your eyes…
Probably the principal part of his works is that they never demonstrate the cold part of the year. Even the spring views of Paris flow down the canvas as if the paints used to draw them were slightly melted with sun rays. Whatever the painting portrays: a Vietnamese boy, pasteurizing a herd of buffalo, waves of the Caspian Sea, views of Moscow, Indian girls, streets of  Monmartr,   mountains of Dagestan, Buddhist temples, lotus flowers, growing from the water – his brush reproduces not fading, not death, not even the middle of life – but birth and eternal blossoming of  youth.
“One can always find resemblance in his portraits, but it’s rather inward, than formal, - notes the member of the International Art critiques Association, senior research worker of the Tretyakov gallery Valentina Biyalik. – Looking at his paintings of girls, children, old people, one almost physically feels the delight with witch the painter having densely mixed the paints on the pellet, boldly painted an orange forehead, violet neck, cinnabar cheek. And today, like in the days of his youth overt color laid down with full strength evokes a flood of emotions”.
And here, perhaps, is another amazing quality of Karakhan’s creations: if you listen with your heart, standing alongside the canvases, you will certainly hear a thin and flexible sound – the melody of a rhythm of paint brush strokes, colliding with each other, create unique melody of color, in a sense an orchestra of life-forces, being played on a flute by the Creator himself. In this respect its worth while mentioning one of the most musical paintings of Karakhan – “The singing bamboo”, presented at the exhibition. Yellow bamboo poles on this painting are reaching up against a background of dazzling azure, and then, blossoming out with umbrellas of sprout, start to look like water fountains. Another musical canvas - is a tremendous in its expression painting - “Bouquet on the yellow background” resembling a flash of green sun on an orange sky. The music that this canvas radiates is Bach’s organ symphony.
“Karakhan was one of the first painters, presented in the MIRAX GROUP art –project, - says Valentine Ryabov. – In 2005 we have already organized an exhibition of 40 of his works at the housing estate “Zolotiye Kluchi 2”. And now in the “West” tower of the “Federation” business complex, its employees and guests can see a new exposition of this wonderful artist that consists of 74 paintings. One should note that the configuration of the walls of the 1-st floor hall of the Tower is just perfect for exhibiting works of art of one painter. The visitors don’t see most of the exhibits at the same time. They are as if making a voyage, coming across more and more paintings behind every turn they make during the journey. Utmost sincerity is, in my opinion, the main aspect of Karakhan’s art. I strongly hope that those people, who will visit the exhibition will experience the feelings, that the artist put into his paintings”.
Black khan – is the translation of Kharakhans name. A beautiful, proud name that is passed on from generation to generation, a name that one should conform to. Karakhan Seferbekov has done it with his paintings. With flame-colored strokes he implemented centuries old dignity of his ancestors into the beaming image of the original mother of all mankind – Mother Earth.
“Color – is strength, one shouldn’t be afraid of it”, - the painter likes to repeat. An his life credo Karakhan once stated in the following words: “If my work has made the world happier for at least an instant, I will conceder that  my life was not useless…”.

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