Artist Fedotov Sergey

Artist Fedotov Sergey born in Moscow in 1968.
In 1993 graduated from the Physics faculty of The Moscow State University.
Starting from 1996 his passion for painting grows into a desire to paint with oil by himself.
In 2001 he travels to Cuba, then to Paris and the Crimea for making sketches.
That same year he holds his first personal exhibition in the Central House of Artists, in Moscow.
In 2002 – participates in a joint exhibition of artists at the “Art Manege”.  Moscow.
In 2003 – exhibits his paintings at the Art Salon. Moscow.
In 2005 one can see his works in the Ombres et lumieres Gallery in Paris and at a personal exhibition in The Central House of Artists. Moscow.
In 2006 takes part in a joint exhibition at the Coliseum Art foundation (New Jersey, USA).
In 2006 and 2007 reproductions of his paintings were published in the two first editions of the Album “150 artworks of contemporary Russian artists”.(The Valentine Ryabov Gallery project).
In 2007 his exposition is opened in the Valentine Ryabov Gallery. That same year his personal exhibition is held at the Tula Regional Museum with support of the Valentine Ryabov Gallery.
2008 (April) - personal exhibition in the “Federation tower” (Moscow), with support of the Valentine Ryabov Gallery and “MIRAX Group”.
2008 (November) – publication of an article about the artist in the “Artchronica” magazine. Moscow.
2008 (December) – paintings of the artist are presented in the third edition of the album “150 artworks of contemporary Russian artists”, published by the Valentine Ryabov Gallery.
2008 (December) – exhibition of paintings in the halls of the Valentine Ryabov Gallery in the residential complex “Zolotiye kluchi – 2”. Moscow.
December 2009, January 2010 - Exhibition of paintings by Sergey Fedotov in the Central House of Artists, organized with the support of the Valentine Ryabov Gallery. Krimsky val. Moscow.
August – September exhibition in the Wall Street Bar Club, organized by the Valentine Ryabov Gallery (Volkhonka 9-1, Moscow).
2011 (November): A 260 page album of the artist published with an introductory letter by corresponding member of the Russian Academy of arts, Doctor of art Andrey Tolstoy. (Publisher – The Valentine Ryabov Gallery).
2011 (December): Solo exhibition and presentation of Sergey Fedotov’s album in the exhibition halls of The Valentine Ryabov Gallery.
2012 (January): Paintings of Sergey Fedotov exhibited by The Valentine Ryabov Gallery in the international art fair «Art Palm Beach `2012». Palm Beach, USA.
2012 (March): Exhibited in «ART NAPLES» (March 23–26) and «Sea Fair SARASOTA» (March 30- April 2), USA.
2012 (July-August): «The Art Economist» and «The Huffington Post» (USA) published an essay “Sergey Fedotov – from Russia with love” by White House Fellow of the National Endowment for the Arts Bruce Helander.
2013 (April) A friendly encounter with Deputy General Director of The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts (Moscow), Doctor of Art, Member of the Russian Academy of Arts Andrei Tolstoy took place at Sergey Fedotovs' workshop.
2013 (September) Sergey Fedotov's painting was sold at auction in Moscow for $7500.
2013 (October) A painting by Sergei Fedotov "Flowers" (oil on canvas, 90x100 cm. 2008) was sold at "Magnum Ars" auction in Moscow for $9000.
2013 (November) Sergey Fedotov's solo show (West Palm Beach, Florida, USA).
2013 (November) Sergey Fedotov's master class at the West Palm Beach Center for Creative Education (Florida, USA).

Paintings of Sergey Fedotov are in:
The Coliseum Art foundation (New Jersey, USA),

The Coral Springs Museum (USA, Florida),

The collection of A.Gleser,

The collection of R.Rothschild,

The Tula Regional Art Museum,

The Valentine Ryabov Gallery,

in private collections in USA, Russia, France, Germany and other countres.

The Valentine Ryabov Gallery preparing a series of shows of the collection of paintings by Sergey Fedotov in the USA and Europe:

Other artworks of the artist:

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