Shlyachkov Sergey (1956-2004)

1956 – born in Mitishy – a city in the Moscow region. Studied with the workshop of professor

1980-81 – worker at the Plant of monumental and decorative sculpture.

1981-89 – restoration workshops of the Union of restoration.

1989 – finishes the painting “Return of the prodigal son” – oil on paint board, 35.43”x27.56”.    Beginning of active and mature creative work and exhibition activities.

1991 – first exhibition of five works of the artist at the “Panorama” exhibition hall in Moscow.

1993 – Exhibition at the “Valentine Ryabov Gallery” (Ogorodnaya sloboda per., Moscow).

1993-95 – work on the paintings “The rose bush”, “Hose with the orange chimney”, “The tired warrior”,  “Blind”,  “Resting”, “Wrestling”, “Lady Rider”.

1995-97 – beginning of the prominent series of paintings: “Corrida”, “Laundresses”,  “Gospel motive”, “Country women”.

1996 – Danish expert on Russian art calls Sergey Shlyachkov “… an outstanding Colorist of contemporaneity.

1996 – “The Valentine Ryabov Gallery” publishes a catalog of its collection that includes five paintings of Sergey Shlyachkov: “The ritual”, “Return of the prodigal son”, “Resting”, “The rose bush”, “Corrida” (copy the first page attached).

1996-98 – “The Valentine Ryabov Gallery” organizes private demonstrations of S.Shlyachkov’s paintings for Russian art collectors (a “one painting show”). It takes 2-3 years to complete some of the paintings.

1998 – Publication of an article in the first edition of the “Russian gallery” magazine – The State Tretyakov Gallery (copy attached).

1999 – “Tirosh” Auction house (Israel) proposes to present the painting “Laundresses” to the spring auction.

1999 – paintings of the artist are presented at an exhibition in Lisbon (Portugal). Organized by “The Valentine Ryabov Gallery” (Russia) and “Epal” company (Portugal). Catalog issued.

1999 – paintings of Sergey Shlyachkov are published in the catalog “Tradition. The past and the future”. Publishers – “The Valentine Ryabov Gallery” and The Russian Culture Foundation. (Extracts from the article by V.Kalashnicov about S.Shlyachkov attached.)

2000 – exhibition of paintings in the Russian Culture Foundation (Moscow).

2000 – exhibition in the branch of “The Valentine Ryabov Gallery” in Poland (Warsaw, Pechice, Sokolovsca str. 1).

2001 (October) – international art show (Moscow, Sokolniki). Catalog issued.

2001 (December) – International Art Fair  “Art Manege” (Moscow). Catalog.

2002 (December) – International Art Fair “Art Manege” (Moscow). Catalog.

2002 – artist invited to decorate the Russian Embassy in Seoul (South Korea). Project of “The Valentine Ryabov Gallery”.

2003 – 2 paintings for the Residence of the Ambassador of Russia to South Korea (Seoul). Project of “The Valentine Ryabov Gallery”.

2003 – A number of publications about S.Shlyachkov. (Article by L.Urazova attached.)

2002-04 – “The Valentine Ryabov Gallery” initiates a project to publish a personal catalog of the paintings of Sergey Shlyachkov. Over 100 paintings and the same number of graphics (paper, Indian ink) and watercolors were to be included in the edition. (Introduction letter by the President of The Russian Culture Foundation Nikita Mikhalkov.)

2004 – Sergey Shlyachkov died.
In memory of the talented artist an with the consent of his relatives, “The Valentine Ryabov Gallery” continues work on the catalog in its full version (estimate publication in 2005.)
The Gallery plans to continue work with Sergey Shlyachkov’s paintings that are in its collection.

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