Dubossarsky Vladimir & Vinogradov Alexander

Since 1994 they performs as an art duet. Both live and work in Moscow, Russia. In the early part of their career together they adopted the style of socialist realism, an officially sanctioned art practice under the soviet regime. Their early works resembled posters for non-existent thrillers and sleazy porn flicks. They worked with their idea of social order, laborers, collective farmers, etc. and put a modern twist on an outdated practice. Their result was a collection of ideas and themes that would make socialistic fantasies visible to the viewer.

In 2001, Dubosarsky and Vinogradov made a transition from the socialist fantasy to the ideals of mass media. Total Painting (2001) created a large scale image of mass culture from around the world borrowing ideas from advertising and mainstream media. Our Best World (2003) created a common ground for stars such as Sylvester Stallone, Spider-Man, Barbie, Madonna, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Marilyn Monroe, and even Picasso. The Underwater World (2002) was made for the Russian pavilion for the 50th Venice Biennale. The piece references ideas gathered from pop images such as mail order catalogs, and heroes in contemporary advertising.



42x55 cm. Gouache on paper. 1998

Solo exhibitions:

    Sweeter than sugar, Louise Alexander Gallery, Porto Cervo, Italy [1]
    FB shows and tells, Moscow Manege, Russia

    The New People Are Already Here. Deitch Projects, New York, USA
    Meander. Resort Pirogovo, Moscow Region, Russia
    Untitled. Vilma Gold Gallery, London, UK

    In the Artist's Studio. Gallery Orel Art, Paris, France
    The Russian Painting Seasons. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

    Anthills. XL Gallery. Moscow, Russia
    The Lightness of Being. Resort Pirogovo, Moscow Region, Russia
    Underwater Barber. Paperworks Gallery, Moscow, Russia

    Untitled. Charlotte Moser Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland
    New Painting. XL Gallery, Moscow, Russia
    9 Nudes Series. Gallery Orel Art, Paris, France
    Graphic Works of Different Years. Paperworks Gallery, Moscow, Russia

    Aquafitness. Vilma Gold Gallery, London, UK

    Our Best World. Deitch Projects, New York, USA
    Astrakhan Blues. XL Gallery, Moscow, Russia
    Raining. Gallery Krinzinger, Viennа, Austria
    Underwater Forever. Gallery Orel Art, Paris, France

    Total Painting. XL Gallery, Moscow, Russia
    Painting for Finland. MUU Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
    Untitled. Vilma Gold Gallery, London, UK

    How Are You, Ladies and Gentlemen? Gallery Claudio Poleschi, Lucca, Italy
    Picture for London. Vilma Gold Gallery, London, UK
    Sweet Girls. Moscow Fine Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia

    Inspiration. XL Gallery, Moscow, Russia
    Flying Crans. Moscow Fine Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia

    Christ in Moscow. XL Gallery, Moscow, Russia
    Just Pictures. Moscow Fine Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia

    P.S. Guelman Gallery, Moscow, Russia

    Erntedankfest. Atelier-Ester Freund, Vienna, Austria
    Austrian and Russian Literature. Brasilica, Viennа, Austria
    Etudes. L-Gallery, Moscow, Russia

    Russian Literature. Guelman Gallery, Moscow, Russia
    Triumph. Guelman Gallery, Moscow, Russia
    Bluhende Landschaften. Gallery Kai Higelman, Berlin, Germany
    Project for Russian Playboy. Moscow Fine Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia

    A Picture for the Reichstag. Gallery Kai Hilgemann, Berlin, Germany
    Paintings Made to Order. L- Gallery, Moscow, Russia

    Picasso in Moscow. Studio 20 Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Selected Collections:

    Art4.ru Contemporary Art Museum, Moscow, Russia
    Bonn Historical Museum, Bonn, Germany
    Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
    Cultural Foundation “EKATERINA”, Moscow, Russia
    Cultural Foundation “New”, Moscow, Russia
    Duke University Museum of Art, Durham, USA
    Houston Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston, USA

    Ivanovo Museum, Ivanovo, Russia
    MACI Museo Arte Contemporanea Isernia, Italy
    Moscow House of Photography, Moscow, Russia
    Museum Of Contemporary Art, Avignon, France
    Museum of Contemporary Art of Valencia, Spain
    New Rules Foundation, Moscow, Russia
    Scheringa Museum voor Realisme, Spanbroek, Netherlands
    Secession, Vienna, Austria
    Yaroslavl Museum, Yaroslavl, Russia