Lemport Vladimir (sculpture)


Vladimir Lemport born in 1922 in Tambov in the family of an agronomic scientist and teacher of literature. In 1936, Vladimir moved to Moscow, where he studied in art school. At the age of 18 he was called in the army. A year later the war began and the future sculptor gets to the front.

Vladimir was awarded the Order of the Red Star. In 1942, he received a severe wound and was commissioned.

After the war, Vladimir Lemport graduated from the Stroganov Art Institute, the Faculty of Monumental and Decorative Sculpture.


The creative method of Vladimir Lemport is characterized by monumentality and generality of form on one side, and graphic detailing on the other. The works of Vladimir Lemport are represented in the Museum of Moscow, on Poklonnaya Hills, in the sculpture park "Museon"; They also decorate the facades of public buildings in many Russian cities and former Soviet republics.

Vladimir Lemport has developed his own plastic style, striking with the power and depth of the artistic solution. The author of many monumental sculptural compositions that became an integral part of the appearance of such architectural monuments as the Moscow State University (1952), the Luzhniki Stadium (1956), the Palace of Soviets (1960), the Embassy in Lagos and Nigeria (1968), the embassy in Athens (1980), the theater of Russian drama in Ufa (1982) and many others.


 Was staring in the movies: "Running on the waves," "Evening on the eve of Ivan Kupala," "Newton Street, house 1". Later, havе overcome the consequences of injuring his left hand in war, he almost professionally mastered the performance of classical guitar. Then he get a passion for translating the song genre. So, shortly before the illness, he completely translated from the Italian "Divine Comedy" by Dante.

The sculptor died of a long illness on September 11, 2001.

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