Lyubimkin Aleksey (photography)

Was born in Novosibirsk, Russia on the 8th of March 1963. He studies at Sverdlovsk’s Architectural Institute and graduated as a specialist architect from Yekaterinburg, Russia. Since, he has managed the scientific research department at the institute, been a working architect, published the Russian art magazine ‘Russian Gallery’ and was involved with the development and growth of artist center in Moscow’s Tretiakov gallery.
He began taking pictures when he was 9 years old and ever since he and his camera have been inseparable, however his professional career started in 2005. He is member of Russian photo artists union and member of International journalist union.

He took part in the following exhibitions:

•Personal exhibition, «HAY HILL» gallery, London. October, 2005.
•Group exhibition in the Central House of artists «VENI, VIDI... »
Moscow. February, 2006.
•Personal exhibition in the art center “KARTINA”, Moscow. May, 2007.
•Regular exposition in the art-cafe “AKVAREL”, Moscow. 2006 – 2009.
•Personal exhibition in the Central House of artists, Moscow. August, 2007.
•Group exhibition, «Art Maneg». Moscow. November, 2007.
•Group exhibition, «Art New York». New York. February, 2008.
•Personal exhibition in the "Art Sport Gallery”, Dusseldorf. April, 2008.
•Personal exhibition in the «Olga Lamdon Gallery». Brussels. May 2008.
•Personal exhibition in the «Global Gallery». Sydney. November-Desember, 2008.
•Personal exhibition in the Central House of artists, Moscow. Jenuary, 2009.
•Personal exhibition in the “Hay Hill Gallery”. London. August – September 2009.
•Personal exhibition «City Colours» on the exhibition City Build, Moscow, VVC, October 2010
•Group exhibition «Life Is Wonderful», Moscow, CHA, December 2010
•Personal exhibition «City Colours» on the Restaurant's Business exhibition, Moscow, Crocus City, March 2011.
•Personal exhibition «City Colours» on the Milk Business exhibition, Moscow, VVC, March 2010.
•Personal exhibition «City Colours» on the exhibition MosBuild, Moscow, Crocus City, April 2010.

His photos are in private collections of Russia, the Great Britain, Germany, the USA, and Mexico.

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