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The Valentine Ryabov Gallery and "The Wall Street Bar" are happy to present an exclusive collection of paintings by artist Sergey Maximov - "NU".

The curator of the project is the owner of the galley, art critic Valentine Ryabov.


The cozy, chamber halls of the "Wall Street Bar" that is situated across the road from The Private Collections Museum of the Pushkin State Museum, will expose 18 artworks, drawn by the artist in the last years. The paintings can be surely assessed as masterpieces of ex...


Exhibition of a wonderful contemporary artist Sergey Fedotov, organized with support of the Valentine Ryabov Gallery was held in January 2010 in the Central House of Artists, Moscow, in halls 23-24. The paintings, presented in the exposition were literally “taken off t...


The Valentine Ryabov Gallery participated in the International fair of contemporary art “Art Manege 2009”. This time the gallery presented paintings of a famous contemporary artist and our old friend Stanislav Plutenko, including his latest works that enriched the coll...


The Valentine Ryabov Gallery will continue a cycle of demonstrations in the framework of the "On the Background of the Gallery Project" with an exhibition of paintings of the Soviet period.

The idea of the project is to show the audience works of art of different arti...


An exhibition of Sergey Fedotov’s paintings, organized by the Valentine Ryabov Gallery, was held in the Central House of Artists July 4-21, 2009.


The Valentine Ryabov Gallery is starting a cycle of demonstrations in the framework of “ON THE BACKGROUND OF THE GALLERY PROGECT” on June 11, 2009. The idea of the project is to demonstrate paintings of artists that belong to different artistic trends and genres withou...


A large exposition of paintings by Sergey FEDOTOV has been organized by "The Valentine Ryabov Gallery" in the residential complex "Zolotiye Kluchi 2". This exhibition is part of the project "ARTIST SERGEY FEDOTOV IN MOSCOW". The exposition in "Zolotiye Kluchi 2" will c...

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