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Robert Rothschild and our friend - editor Vladimir Andreyev, discuss the possibilities of producing Sergey Fedotov's artworks in New York. Mr. Rothschild is studying catalogs of Sergey's paintings, presented to him at our request by Vladimir Andreyev.


The gallery held a meeting with our old friend Lubov Vucic. We had not seen for over 10 years! This lovely woman is originally from Serbia, she deals with cultural issues. With her active participation we did many memorable events, the most noticeable was an exhibition...


Born 30 march 1983 in Izhevsk (Udmurt Republic).

1992-2000 – Art-school in Izhevsk.
2000–2005 – Institute of Arts and Design of Udmurt State University, Izhevsk.
2005–2009 – Creative Studio of painting of Russian Academy of Art  (Yakupov studio), Kazan, Tatarstan.


Not a secret, that during last few years Mr. Tolstoy closely followed the work of Sergei, experiencing some sympathy for the painting style of the artist. The cooperation of the two professionals was laid in 2011, when a critic at first visited the artist's studio and...


An exhibition of artworks of an avant-gardist painter Sergey Fedotov "QR-code" was opened on April 30 2014 in one of the largest exhibition halls in Moscow - The Central House of Artists. (Russian TV report).


The most interesting thing, that happened at Art Expo 2014 in New York was the reaction of the owner of the gallery Valentine Ryabov to the events, going on there, that couldn't be characterized otherwise then peculiar (to put it lightly).


Preparing prints of Sergey Fedotov's artworks for the ArtExpo (New York, USA).


Artist Sergey Fedotov - mental provocateur. 

Participation in foreign exhibition projects is a costly enterprise. Expenses may varie from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars for an event. However there is no alternative, in any other case the artist will be "outboa...

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