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The Valentine Ryabov Gallery will continue a cycle of demonstrations in the framework of the "On the Background of the Gallery Project" with an exhibition of paintings of the Soviet period.

The idea of the project is to show the audience works of art of different arti...


The professor came to Moscow on a holiday together with his charming wife Lyutsina and the polish partners of the Valentine Ryabov gallery Nataly and Jan Kosidovsky. After spending two hours in the gallery, during which Mr. Bralchik and his wife with great interest fam...


Sculptor Nikolay Silis is engraving his name on a new wooden sculpture:


An exhibition of Sergey Fedotov’s paintings, organized by the Valentine Ryabov Gallery, was held in the Central House of Artists July 4-21, 2009.


The Valentine Ryabov Gallery is starting a cycle of demonstrations in the framework of “ON THE BACKGROUND OF THE GALLERY PROGECT” on June 11, 2009. The idea of the project is to demonstrate paintings of artists that belong to different artistic trends and genres withou...


A large exposition of paintings by Sergey FEDOTOV has been organized by "The Valentine Ryabov Gallery" in the residential complex "Zolotiye Kluchi 2". This exhibition is part of the project "ARTIST SERGEY FEDOTOV IN MOSCOW". The exposition in "Zolotiye Kluchi 2" will c...


This time the cover of the book is white (upholstered with canvas), which means, that the initial idea to make the three books the color of the Russian «threecolor» flag has been accomplished.

The front side of the cover has an inset of a reproduction of a painting by...

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