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Not a secret, that during last few years Mr. Tolstoy closely followed the work of Sergei, experiencing some sympathy for the painting style of the artist. The cooperation of the two professionals was laid in 2011, when a critic at first visited the artist's studio and...


A friendly encounter with Deputy General Director of The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts (Moscow), Doctor of Art, Member of the Russian Academy of Arts Andrey Tolstoy took place at Sergey Fedotov's workshop. It's necessary to note that Andrey Tolstoy is the author of the i...


Andrey Tolstoy
Doctor of Art, Professor,

Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts.

The forces of nature elements of Sergey Fedotov.

It’s been no more than 15 years since Sergey Fedotov started painting but his art work has been exhibited in solo and group ex...


In the framework of preparing for print the album of artworks by Sergey Fedotov, his workshops were visited by doctor of art, professor, corresponding member of the Russian academy of arts Andrey Tolstoy.

he discussion was about joint actions of «The Valentine Ryabov...

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