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A painting by Sergey Fedotov was sold for 7500 at the 9-th fundraising ball presented by Action for Russian Children (ARC) and Center for Curative Pedagogics (CCP).


Valentine Ryabov (gallery owner, art critic):
Lee Ann, I would like to thank you for organizing this event, for inviting us to this show again. I hope we will continue our cooperation. My question is actually about the artworks of Sergey Fedotov. This is the fourth tim...


We would like to draw your attention to a photo report about the opening of the "ArtHouse 429" (West Palm Beach, Florida) gallery. Our gallery was also part of this event, having presented to the American audience paintings of Sergey Fedotov.


The painting career of Russian artist Sergey Fedotov continues to draw both critical acclaim and record sales around the world, and examples of his unusual painting style will be on view at three respected American venues during the month of January. Mr. Fedotov began...


Russian artist Sergey Fedotov in toplist MIA`2013 (Miami International Art Fair)!


(Member, Florida Artists Hall of Fame, Former Editor-in-Chief, ‘The Art Economist’; Former White House Fellow of the National Endowment for the Arts).

Sergey FEDOTOV - From Russia with Love.

Most art critics will tell you that there is nothing more exc...


Valentine Ryabov
(art critic, gallery owner).

Notes of the Art Naples and Sarasota Sea Fair` 2012 participant. Florida, USA.

This was our second trip to America with the “Sergey Fedotov” project. The first visit was in January 2012.

A few words about the trip when our...


The Valentine Ryabov Gallery presents a new collection of paintings by artist Sergey Fedotov, who the American public already knows and loves.


The Valentine Ryabov Gallery has completed work on the album of a cultic artist Sergey Fedotov. This is a truly momentous event in the culture life of Russia! We can count on our fingers the editions about the art of abstract expressionism and painters of this school i...


Andrey Tolstoy
Doctor of Art, Professor,

Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts.

The forces of nature elements of Sergey Fedotov.

It’s been no more than 15 years since Sergey Fedotov started painting but his art work has been exhibited in solo and group ex...


This time the gallery presented paintings of a famous contemporary artist from N.Novgorod (Russia) Sergey Sorokin in project "VAST IS MY NATIVE LAND..."

Artist Sergey SOROKIN:

..."Homeless people are my heroes?! - I know many of them personally! There was a period in my...

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