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A well known Russian sculptor celebrated his anniversary among relatives, and close friends. Collectors, gallery owners congratulated the sculptor with his jubilee. Yuri Norshtain, Yuli Kim, Helen and Valentine Ryabov, Alexander Zhukov, Dmitry Asriely and many more.


In Moscow, in the exhibition halls of The Union of artists at Starosadsky 5, an exhibition of artworks of Nicolay Silis (sculpture), Vladimir Lemport (sculpture), Victor Uscov (photography) and Katya Silis (pastel, watercolors) has been opened. The Valentine Ryabov Gal...


Nikolay Silis.

"I was born in 1928 in Moscow, grew up in Leningrad and in 1941 faced the war there. In 1945 I entered the Moscow Higher Art — and Industry School (the former Stroganovskoe) the department of monumental sculpture.

For 8 year I failed to understand, what my...


Sculptor Nikolay Silis is engraving his name on a new wooden sculpture:

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