The meeting with artist Ilyas Aydarov took place.

(Аrtist Ilyas Aydarov, academician, Dedicated artist of Russia, Peoples artist of the Republic of Tatarstan).

The reason for this meeting was the publication of his art album: "Ilyas Aydarov. Faces. Painting, graphics, photo sketches". The collection presents portraits, painted by the artist during his artistic career.

Actually, the album was just an excuse. We haven't seen each other for a long time. We are friends since the 90-s. Ilyas has created new paintings, the gallery realized new projects. And as always most of the questions are discussed over a cup of tea. In just over an hour we managed to do everything: sign the album to the best friend, conduct a photo session, see new artworks and discuss plans for the future.

Unfortunately the modern life tempo leaves scarce time for small talk. Ilyas is the head of a big friendly family, that needs constant attention and care. See you soon. All the best...