Mandala - a new great project of our Gallery!

Mandala. By artist Svetlana Valueva. Probably not a single person who would be in different periods of their life would not accumulate any problems in relationships, family, career, money, work, etc. Rarely escape life crises and personal tragedies, unfortunately, I haven't met such people, who never experienced that, but on the other hand - this is the movement, the way to the sources, the knowledge of the divine, the achievement of the union of God and man. In present time we are living at a very high speed, infinitely diving in the working rhythm, constantly "in touch" and "in access", we living at the level of consciousness and intelligence, forgetting about the soul and the Creator, when Love is cooling down, that is when failures, problems, disease come to us. I'm just a man like everyone else, but all my life, being in the art, see and feel how it is able to save, inspire, and help to revive in our lives. Communication with a painting for a few minutes can improve our energy and give strength as can soothe or comfort, or move to another dimension and give fantastic ideas. Recently Universe gave me an idea how to write a portrait of a person without portraying outer shell. It resembles a Buddhist mandala, in the center, which depict all the characters of the person (the sign of the zodiac, signs of the eastern and Zoroastrian horoscopes, its planets, rocks and plants) , the image contains text affirmations, its main colors, symbols of good luck, protection, family, love, money. At the end of the work on a painting with a thin gold applied Mandala vector, which contains the name, date, month and year of birth. This painting becomes your power generator, amplifier and conductor of all good and creative, it is able to purify, protect against internal and external aggression when you look at it and send her your thoughts. The main thing that your soul has always lived in the love of God, the world and people! If in contact with your mandala you smile internally, with peace of mind to take everything you send life, thank God for each new day, try to forgive offenders, then your life will begin to change for the better.