A famous Polish scientist professor Jerzy Bralchik visited our gallery in Moscow.

The professor came to Moscow on a holiday together with his charming wife Lyutsina and the polish partners of the Valentine Ryabov gallery Nataly and Jan Kosidovsky. After spending two hours in the gallery, during which Mr. Bralchik and his wife with great interest familiarized with the collection of painting and sculpture, and especially with the new works of their favorite painter Vitaly Ermolayev, the esteemed guests, accompanied by the owner of the gallery Valentine Ryabov and executive director Sergey Metchulayev, visited The Russian Culture Foundation, where they were received by its Vice-president, editor-in-chief of the “Russian archive” publishing house, State prize winner professor Alexei Nalepin.

Mr. Nalepin informed the guests about the activities of the Russian Culture Foundation and, of course, made a special emphasis on the work of the "Russian archive" publishing house that has already published 17 volumes of unique historical documents, directly connected with the history of the Russian State. And what’s especially important, that these documents were never published earlier… At the end of the meeting Professor Erzhy Bralchik was presented several volumes of the "Russian archive" on behalf of the Russian Culture Foundation...

There is complete mutual understanding between Professor Erzhi Bralchik and art-critic Valentine Ryabov.

From left to right: Valentine Ryabov, professor Jerzy Bralchik, professor Alexei Nalepin, pani Lyutsina, partner of the gallery in Poland Jan Kosidovsky.