A large exposition of paintings by Sergey Fedotov, the project "Artist Sergey Fedotov in Moscow

A large exposition of paintings by Sergey FEDOTOV has been organized by "The Valentine Ryabov Gallery" in the residential complex "Zolotiye Kluchi 2". This exhibition is part of the project "ARTIST SERGEY FEDOTOV IN MOSCOW". The exposition in "Zolotiye Kluchi 2" will continue until the 25-th of January 2009. And starting from the 3-rd of December (till December 7) an international art fair "ART MANEGE 2008" will begin where the gallery will present another collection of Sergey Fedotov’s paintings. In total over 100 new paintings that the artist has been working on during the last years will be exhibited. The project is organized with the informational support of the "Artchronica" magazine. The organizers express their special thanks to Lana Mirgorodskaya. (In the "Exhibitions" section, you can see a number of paintings by Sergey FEDOTOV, that are exhibited in "Zolotiye Kluchi – 2" and will soon be presented at the "ART MANEGE 2008"). Curator of the project: gallery owner, art critic, Valentine Ryabov.