Bruce Helander (Editor-in-Chief of "The Art Economist") lecturing on artwork of Russian ar

When you get to a Bruce Helanders show, and there is no other way of naming his inflaming, expressive speeches, it's hard not to remember what he is talking about!

(Bruce Helander - former White House Fellow of the National Endowment for Arts, artist, art critique, Editor-in-Chief of "The Art Economist").

The invariable derby on his head blends with well delivered speech and articulation. And his excellent knowledge of the subject of contemporary figurative culture, allow him to make interesting conclusions and draw clear and reasoned analogies.

This time his audience consisted of people, who wanted to hear from Bruce, what is so special about a Russian artist Sergey Fedotov, presented in his capacious and at the same time terse project "THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING..."

We are not going to show you the 50 minute lecture, but the drawn analogies with such esteemed masters as Pollock, Chamberlain, Rauschenberg, Warhol in the context with the name of the project, demonstrate the changing tendencies of modern days in the light of creative work of painter Sergey Fedotov.

Bruce Helander (Editor-in-Chief of "The Art Economist") lecturing on artwork of Russian artist Sergey Fedotov

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