Events, concluding Sergey Fedotov's solo show took place at the "The ArtHouse 429" gal

On this event Bruce Helander (curator of the gallery) gathered guests, who's number increases the closer it gets to Christmas.

The interest to Sergey Fedotov's painting is truly big. And a contract to organize a three month solo show in the Coral Springs Art Museum next year is a good acknowledgment of this.

William Halliday, a sculpture and co owner of the gallery, Bruce Helander and Sergey Fedotov exchanged warm words, that they wrote in the album of the artist from Russia.

And the event of that night was presentation by Sergey Fedotov of Bruce Helander's portrait to the one who is on it.

Part of the collection will move from ArtHouse to Los Angeles to be presented at LA Art Show in January 2014.

They are waiting for us there already.