Publication of the third edition of the album "150 artworks of contemporary Russian artists&quo

This time the cover of the book is white (upholstered with canvas), which means, that the initial idea to make the three books the color of the Russian «threecolor» flag has been accomplished. The front side of the cover has an inset of a reproduction of a painting by Sergey BASOV «Winter landscape». The fly-leafs show the exposition halls of the gallery. The first pages of the book contain information about the gallery, words of gratitude to our partners and friends, with whom we are tied by long years of cooperation. Further follows a short introductory article, that formulates the concept of the three volume edition, and at the same time, the stand of the gallery, that has been formulated during the period from 1993 to 2008 (one should think that in the foreseeable future the program principles will not change except that they may acquire more depth and range)… Then, in alphabetic order, come the reproductions of paintings of the artists-participants in the third edition and the chronology of the main events in the work of the gallery. Contents take up two double pages. As the previous two editions the texts in the album are in Russian and English languages.