Sergey Fedotov in USA. Master class at the West Palm Beach Center for Creative Education (Florida).

Photo report of Sergey Fedotov's master class at the West Palm Beach Center for Creative Education (Florida, USA), that was given after the grand opening of his solo exhibition. For almost two hours the artist created in his unique manner two portraits and a sea scape. No matter how the audience tried to foretell the evolution of the plot on the canvas, they eventually failed. At the end of the session the crowd didn't leave, approached the canvases, scrutinizing into the almost fully finished artworks, trying to understand the complicated artful design of the logical and colorist decisions of the artist. It was obvious that not everyone found the answers. Nevertheless everyone was thrilled at what they saw. A number of the guests expressed their desire to take classes from the maestro while he is in Florida. Despite a tight working schedule, Sergey agreed to give a few lessons of free minded attitude. And, of course, a photo to remember.

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