The gallery held a meeting with our old friend Lubov Vucic.

The gallery held a meeting with our old friend Lubov Vucic. We had not seen for over 10 years! This lovely woman is originally from Serbia, she deals with cultural issues. With her active participation we did many memorable events, the most noticeable was an exhibition of Russian artists in Portugal at the Museum of the water in 1999.

Back then our program intervened bloody events in East Timor, the former lands of Portugal. Exhibition with two thousand invited v.i.p guests, which had to be supposed by the Russian ambassador, was canceled. Russian art show held after the threat of scandal in the press. I wrote a letter corresponding to the organizers, which, apparently, made ​​a strong impression…

This is the story of past years.

Luba now raises her grandson, she also opened the farm to produce organic products in Serbia.

We had not seen for many years, and had a lot to talk about, a lot of memories to share. And we've got a plans to show Russian art in Serbia and Portugal.

Valentine Ryabov Gallery owner, Art critic.

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