The interview with the organizer of an art show «MIAMI SEA FAIR» Lee Ann Lester.

Valentine Ryabov (gallery owner, art critic): Lee Ann, I would like to thank you for organizing this event, for inviting us to this show again. I hope we will continue our cooperation. My question is actually about the artworks of Sergey Fedotov. This is the fourth time we are exhibiting him at your shows. Here on the ship now and in West Palm Beach earlier. And you probably have formed an impression of this artist. I would like to know your opinion. I understand it’s an improvisation to a certain extent, but never the less… Lee Ann Lester: What you should know... Here in America we have a long tradition of artists that were of course historically very tied to the impressionists movements that was very affected by artists from Russia. And although all those artists came in much later in history so I think for us to be able to see an artist who has those roots but who is a contemporary artist to have an art form, and move into a full new concept, this is very exciting for Americans, because we don’t have this long tradition, we have abstract expressionist, who were much more influenced by the Cubists, so I think for a lot of Americans who love the impressionists, Sergey has been much more like a delicacy, which of course here in South Florida, because of the fabulous amount of sun, and reflection of the light off the water, we are very drawn to these exciting colors and different cultures. And in these last couple of days you have seen people who come from every part of the world, and not just from the Latin cultures… Valentine Ryabov: The second question. Actually it’s not a question, it’s a gift. We have published an album of reproductions of Sergey Fedotov’s paintings, with an introductory letter by Bruce Helander, who we met in Sarasota thanks to you. Lee Ann Lester: Wonderful! I know that Bruce was very drawn to the works of Sergey, he of course is a very important art critic, and he writes for "The Art Economist". He is the head of a very well read magazine. Investors, very large collectors are go getters there. What I find interesting in watching Sergey’s works over the last couple of years, Sergey's sense of color has matured. We hope that this is a start for you here in the United Sates. Obviously it’s a good market. And of course, Miami is the gateway to the East, West and South. So my hope is that you’ll be introduced to collectors from Brazil, South America, the Asian community and Canadians. So it’s up to you now to go to art museums, museum curators. We have very important museums right next door: the Miami Art Museum, the Frost Museum. This whole district is called Art community district. Valentine Ryabov: Thank you! Lee Ann Lester: Thank you! It’s a great honor. Thank you for the gift! (January 2013, USA, Florida, Miami, Mega-yacht "Sea Fair").