The "" magazine has held a charity ball at the legendary Metropol hotel rest

The "" magazine has held a "Christmas gift 2012" charity ball on December 9, 2012. The event took place at the legendary "Metropol" hotel restaurant in Moscow. 200 politicians, business, sports and culture celebrities, friends and heroes of the magazine’s publications were guests of the event. The Valentine Ryabov Gallery was on the guest list.

Sergey Fedotov’s painting worth $10 000 and his catalog go to a guest from abroad

Hostess of the evening draws the lucky ticket

Guests of the evening: Azerbaijani Ambassador to Russia Polad Byul-Byul-ogly

Host of the show – the charming Tatiana Arno

Luxurious interiors of the historic building of the Metropol hotel and restaurant hosted the esteemed public

Guests of the evening: Vladislav Tretyak

Guests of the evening: Opera singer Elena Obraztsova with guests and hostess of the evening

Editor-in-chef of the «» magazine Elena Shevelinskaya gorgeous as always

Elena and Valentine Ryabov

Elena Shevelinskaya, Elena and Valentine Ryabov